EMC Storage Analytics (ESA) 2.0 with VMAX arrays

I've been working on this new release for EMC Storage Analytics (ESA) 2.0 for what seems like ages now. The first two releases of ESA (1.0, 1.5) supported the VNX platforms. The 2.0 release is the first with VMAX support! As the Symmetrix engineering contact for the VMAX component of ESA, I have had first-hand... Continue Reading →

Virtual Storage Integrator 5.6: VPLEX Provisioning

Besides the much anticipated (and long awaited) striped meta capability in Unified Storage Management (USM) 5.6 for VMAX, there is now VPLEX provisioning! For those of us who use VPLEX with VMware this simplifies the creation of datastores on VPLEX. As Cody has already covered the introduction to VSI 5.6, I am not going to... Continue Reading →

Log Insight with Symmetrix VMAX – revisited for Unisphere

Cody recently posted an entry that discussed how Solutions Enabler can be configured to send logs to VMware vCenter Log Insight (http://codyhosterman.com/2013/07/10/using-vmwares-vcenter-log-insight-with-symmetrix-vmax/). He mentioned that in order for Unisphere for VMAX to send its information, additional configuration was required. So here is that additional information. I'll start by noting that everything described in Cody's previous... Continue Reading →

EMC Storage Analytics 2.3 GA

Today EMC released EMC Storage Analytics (ESA) version 2.3.  This release focuses on the VNX and VNXe platforms, adding capabilities to the VNX and adding the VNXe as a new supported array. From the Release Notes: EMC Storage Analytics 2.3 includes the following new features: An OEM version of vCenter Operations Manager 5.8.1 that is... Continue Reading →

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