vCenter Operations Manager 5.8.2 GA

Just a quick blog entry today to announce that VMware has released the latest version (patch) for VMware vCenter Operations Manager – 5.8.2.  You can find it here:

The release is fairly minor as far as vCOPS is concerned – some fixes though there are plenty of known issues so be sure to read the Release Notes:  I thought it worthy of a post, however, since I work on EMC Storage Analytics (ESA) which plugs into vCOPS.  Now my ESA blog posts are can be found here: for a refresher.  I go through all the details so if you are not familiar with ESA check that out.

For current ESA customers, the immediate question is:  Does ESA support 5.8.2?  The straightforward answer is no, it is not yet fully qualified and therefore not listed in our docs.  The last official version ESA supported is 5.8.1.  The nuanced answer is that there really should be no reason 5.8.2 will not work perfectly fine with ESA.  I have had it running in my lab for a good week at this point with no problems (not that I anticipated any).  Unfortunately we got the 5.8.2 build from VMware very late in the release cycle and we just did not have the time to complete all our internal tests before GA.  So while I must add the caveat of use at your own risk since it is not “official” yet, personally I would not be concerned about upgrade issues with ESA.  Just follow the best practices of vCOPS upgrades (e.g. pre-upgrade snapshots) and I am sure we will be providing official support shortly.

ESA software:


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