VMAX3 and the VMAX CP for VMware Log Insight

A quick note here in the wake of our big announcement this week about the VMAX³ platform (http://pulseblog.emc.com/2014/07/08/new-vmax-introduces-new-category-enterprise-data-service-platform).  I have done thorough testing of the 2.0 version of my VMAX Content Pack for VMware Log Insight and am happy to report that it will work out-of-the-box with the VMAX³ platform (when you get your hands... Continue Reading →

VSI 6.2 Web Client GA

Today EMC released the latest incarnation of the VSI Web Client – version 6.2. Although this release is focused on XtremeIO and thus contains no VMAX enhancements, there are a couple noteworthy reasons to upgrade (beyond the new, cleaner SIS interface which is awesome thanks to Denis Zholob) even if you aren’t using XtremeIO. First,... Continue Reading →

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