New release of EMC Storage Analytics (ESA) available – 2.3.2

Today EMC released the latest version of ESA – 2.3.2.  This release focuses on the VNXe platform but also introduces support for the VNX-F5000 and VNX-F8000.  Here are the major additions in this release:

  • An OEM version of vCenter Operations Manager 5.8.2 that is for EMC storage only (for those without vCOPS already)
  • New and updated dashboards
  • New and improved VNX metrics
  • Introduced support for VNXe metrics
  • Event correlation for VNX Block
  • Configuration of log file sizes and rollover counts
  • Support for VNX-F5000 and VNX-F7000

I’m sorry to report that there is nothing new in the VMAX world in this release but it was designed as a minor release to fulfill the VNXe requirements.  We’ll have some nice VMAX features coming very soon in the next release.  You won’t have to wait too long.  In the meantime, do feel free to upgrade to 2.3.2 if these features above are of interest.  We do also recommend moving to vCOPS 5.8.2 if you are not already at that VMware release.

ESA 2.3.2 links:

Release Notes:

Download here:


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