Alerts with VMAX ESA/Content Pack for Log Insight

In my last post ( I noted that one of the futures we are looking into for VMAX ESA is the ability to record alerts against resources.  This capability would be completely inherent to ESA.  I also mentioned, however, that we can do something similar with VMware Log Insight (LI) in conjunction with VMAX ESA. ... Continue Reading →


Another release of EMC Storage Analytics is on the books.  For those keeping track these come out quarterly (or as close as we can get them).  Our last release (2.3.2) was minor in that it basically covered a couple new models on the VNXe line.  This release is major, adding a new platform:  VPLEX (note... Continue Reading →

VSI 6.3 releases with new VMAX enhancements

VSI 6.3 released today and contains some new VMAX features I have been requesting (along with many customers).  When VSI moved from its Classic form into the Web Client, the initial VMAX integration was extremely basic.  Over the past many months I have worked closely with development to re-incorporate many of the features I saw... Continue Reading →

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