Alerts with VMAX ESA/Content Pack for Log Insight

In my last post ( I noted that one of the futures we are looking into for VMAX ESA is the ability to record alerts against resources.  This capability would be completely inherent to ESA.  I also mentioned, however, that we can do something similar with VMware Log Insight (LI) in conjunction with VMAX ESA.  I found myself working on a future update to the VMAX Content Pack (CP) for LI so I thought I’d take the time to show how that integration would work.  I’ll start with the environment I’m working with:

Rather than using screenshots I’ve done quick animations in this blog entry just to be clear on all the steps.  Let’s start with the general integration between the two VMware products.  This is accomplished in the administration portion of LI.  All we have to do is supply the server/IP of the vCOPS environment and the password.    After configuring the environment I demonstrate how you can launch LI from vCOPS:

integrateClick to play in browser – use browser back button to return to post

Once the integration is in place, we can now setup alerts in LI that will be forwarded to vCOPS and in particular the resources of our VMAX.

For this example I chose to use the status of a director.  In the VMAX CP I already have an alert for directors going offline so I am just going to use that the basis for my customized alert for ESA.  In the animation I do the following:

  1. Manage the director alert and run it as a query
  2. Using the existing results, I can select one of the VMAX user-defined fields to specifically select the FA I want to be alerted about (note as I have only one VMAX I did not qualify my query with the emc_vmax_symid but you certainly can make it as specific as you want)
  3. Once I am happy with my query, I turn it into an alert
  4. After providing a name to the alert I select sending it to vCOPS and associate it with an ESA VMAX resource (the FA in my query)

Click to play in browser – use browser back button to return to post

Now with my enabled alert, if my FA happens to go offline (which mind you NEVER happens on a VMAX) I will be alerted in ESA.  So I admit I had to create a fake offline event because otherwise I never could have finished the blog entry.  This last animation then starts with ESA at the Storage Topology dashboard with my VMAX adapter instance highlighted.  I should note that there are many ways to find an alert in vCOPS from setting up a watch list to navigating directly to the Alerts page.  I thought it would be clearer to navigate to the resource so you can see the association.  I navigate down through one of my storage groups, through a device to the FAs and there see that I have an alert (2 actually) against my FA-1H.  By selecting the alerts icon I can get more detail which shows me that LI sent me the alert.  Then I use the LI integration from the vCOPS side to bring up LI and the log entry in question.  So here it is:

 vcopsClick to play in browser – use browser back button to return to post

In my opinion (and not simply because I created it 🙂 ) the key to making this integration easy is the VMAX Content Pack.  As it already has the pre-defined user fields, creating the necessary alerts are quite straightforward and provide the capability of narrowing down to the smallest log detail.

For ESA for VMAX:

For general VMware LI info best to see Steve’s site:


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