eNAS on VMAX3 and VAAI integration with NFS

Late last year in the second release of the HYPERMAX OS for VMAX3, EMC delivered new functionality for file-based storage called Embedded NAS or eNAS.  eNAS runs as a guestos (GOS) on the VMAX3 and therefore is fully integrated. What it does is enable virtual instances of VNX Software Data Movers and Control Stations to... Continue Reading →


RecoverPoint SRA & VMware SRM 5.8 with VSI RP Point-in-Time

Last week one of my colleagues asked me if I could put together a demo recording using the RecoverPoint SRA with VMware SRM 5.8 and VSI.  While I have produced videos for RP SRA and VMware SRM (https://drewtonnesen.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/point-in-time-test-recovery-with-vsi-recoverpoint-management-and-vmware-srm/), they were based on the VMware thick client.  As I have noted in a number of posts,... Continue Reading →

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