RecoverPoint SRA & VMware SRM 5.8 with VSI RP Point-in-Time

Last week one of my colleagues asked me if I could put together a demo recording using the RecoverPoint SRA with VMware SRM 5.8 and VSI.  While I have produced videos for RP SRA and VMware SRM (, they were based on the VMware thick client.  As I have noted in a number of posts, VMware SRM 5.8 is the only feature that VMware has completely ported over to the web GUI.  While VSI development is in the process of moving all features to the web interface (RP feature 1H 2015), it doesn’t mean you can’t use the thick client with the web client.  VSI works independently (when it comes to the interface) of VMware SRM, so you can still set a PiT image against your consistency group in RP and it will be used when you run the test or failover in the SRM web interface.  Anyway, here is a quick demo of how to set the PiT in the vSphere thick client and then run the SRM test in the web interface:

Click to play in place

For more information:


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