The latest release of the EMC SRA 5.8 and accompanying VSI SRDF SRA Utilities (SRA-U) 5.8 is now available for download.  This release follows closely after our Q4 release (https://drewtonnesen.wordpress.com/2014/12/26/emc-srdf-sravsi-sra-u-vmax3-support/) which was the first SRA to support VMAX3.  That release, SRA 5.6, however, only supported 2-site SRDF – synchronous/asynchronous.  The SRA 5.8 and SRA-U 5.8 support all SRDF topologies including 3-site configurations, with or without Star; otherwise there are no major changes to the SRA or SRA-U.  As my previous post discussed VMAX to VMAX3 SRDF topologies, the requirement for 64-bit Solutions Enabler, and the integration of TimeFinder/SnapVX, I’m not going to repeat those topics; rather I’ll give a brief run-down of the new requirements/support for this release and a few important points.

Firstly as you’ll notice the versions of the SRA and SRA-U are now synchronized at 5.8.  This required jumping a version for the SRA meaning there is no EMC SRA 5.7.  That is bound to cause a bit of confusion since there is an SRA-U 5.7 but  there was no other way to get them together.  Now requirements/support for the SRA and SRA-U:


  • Site Recovery Manager 5.5 or 5.8 (and patches)
  • Solutions Enabler 8.0.2 or later which is 64-bit
  • HYPERMAX OS 5977.596.583 (Q1 Service Release) – this release adds the rest of 3-site topologies

EMC SRDF SRA Utilities 5.8

  • SRA 5.8
  • SMI-S Provider 8.0.2 or later which is 64-bit


  • SRA 5.8 is the first SRA to support all previously supported VMAX SRDF topologies on the VMAX3 – so VMAX/VMAX3 full support
  • VSI SRA Utilities 5.8 is the only version supported by SRDF SRA 5.8 and vice versa – this was not always how the SRA-U worked but it does now so you can assume a new SRA release will be accompanied by a new SRA-U release.   Always remember, however, that the SRA-U is not a required software.  It makes modifying the XML files easier and reduces the chances for errors and is thus recommended, but it is not required.
  • There is no support for DMX arrays
  • SRM 5.1 is not supported with SRA 5.8 (SRA 5.6 last support)
  • ESXi 5.0 is not supported with SRA 5.8 (SRA 5.6 last support)

As I have had this question more than once, I thought I’d mention something about replicas in relation to testing in SRM, in particular those created with TF/SnapVX.  The SRA 5.8, like 5.6, has no ability to use existing replicas (snaps) that you may have on the system.  For those who know or have used the SRA for RecoverPoint which can use an older bookmark by utilizing the RM feature of VSI, the SRA-U does not provide the ability to use an existing snap (nor for that matter is the SRA capable of supporting it).  The TF/SnapVX replicas are treated just like TF/Clone.  The SRA will handle all the creation/re-recreation for you but it will be real-time.

The other item I want to point out is vSphere 6/SRM 6 support.  Currently there is no SRDF SRA that supports SRM 6.  Our documentation (Release Notes, TechBook) will make this clear but unfortunately VMware has its own documentation which is going to contradict this.  VMware publishes a compatibility matrix where it lists supported SRM versions for the various vendor SRAs.  Most of the time VMware requires vendors to do certification testing for the SRAs and SRM but sometimes they do what is called an “auto-upgrade”.  This means that an SRM version is akin to the previous version and therefore SRAs that supported the previous SRM version automatically support the new version.  SRM 6 is one of those auto-upgrade versions.  Hence on the VMware site you will see them list SRM 6 as supported even with the SRA version 5.5.1:

compat_matrixClick to enlarge – use browser back button to return to post

As we can’t get VMware to change this, I encourage you to always adhere to EMC’s support statements as we do our own compatibility testing to ensure the SRA works the way it is supposed to with the SRM versions.  As SRM 6 recently came out development was unable to complete that testing with a viable SRM candidate and therefore SRM 6 is NOT supported yet.

One final note I will mention and that is I have updated the SRDF SRA TechBook for VMAX3 and the recent SRA versions.  Here is a link though they list it in the SRA and SRA-U related sections on support:

The SRDF SRA software and documentation can be downloaded here:

SRDF Adapter for VMware Site Recovery Manager Release Notes 5.8

 SRDF Adapter 5.8 for VMware Site Recovery Manager

And the VSI SRA-U software and documentation can be downloaded here:

VSI Symmetrix SRA Utilities 5.8


2 thoughts on “EMC SRDF SRA 5.8/SRA-U 5.8

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  1. Drew
    Are you aware of any bugs in the SRAU 5.8 version? When I am trying to configure the masking control file for Test failover, the utilities are not returning any storage groups to select for the snapvx devices. I have confirmed all pre-reqs are met. (R2s are masked, testreplicamasking is enabled, etc)

    1. I’m not aware of any no. I would open an SR and they can work through it with you if you’ve exhausted the debugging with the TechBook.

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