VMAX views and reports in ESA 3.1 & vROps

For those familiar with EMC Storage Analytics (ESA) and in particular the VMAX platform on ESA, you are probably aware that in version 3.1 there are no canned views or report templates for the array. In fact, currently VNX/VNXe are the only platforms with views and report templates. The expectation is that each platform will develop views and report templates in upcoming releases, but in the meantime I thought I would provide a walk-through on how to develop your own in case that is needed. Rather than start from scratch, I’ll use two VNX views and a VNXe report template and clone them, making the necessary changes to demonstrate how to create the objects for the VMAX.

I decided to show this in a recorded demo.  I didn’t think I could capture everything in screenshots and in any case it would make the blog entry intolerably long.  Instead I can make it very short.  A few things about the demo and making these customizations before you get started:

  • It is about 8 minutes long.  Normally I would have cut things down a bit but as I want you to be able to follow closely, the extra minutes are better.
  • The demo has a few steps:
    • Create custom group for devices
    • Clone and create 2 views – one for devices, one for SRPs
    • Create a report template from those 2 views and run it.
  • You will notice a few times in the demo I blur the image.  This is intentional as my environment is in development and I did not want to show objects that you would not see in the GA environment.
  • If you decide to create views/report templates in your environment I advise a prefix or some naming convention that is unique (I use a post  “- Custom”).  The reason for this is if you by chance pick a name that ESA will use in the future, it will overwrite your custom work and no one wants that.  It’s the same policy we recommend with customizing dashboards.
  • In order to generate one of the reports, I create a custom group.  If I do not do this, then I have to select individual objects which means my view would only show say a single device.  When we added views for VNX/VNXe, we also added some Inventory Trees which serve the same purpose as a custom group.  You can expect the same for the other platforms so the custom group would not be required when VMAX views/report templates are added.
  • Remember above all what I am doing is native to vROps.  This is not EMC functionality, I am simply using the metrics available to me from ESA.  You can always reference VMware docs for information on views and report templates.

And without further adieu here is the video.  It is best viewed in 720 HD.

I’ll be at EMC World next week in Vegas.  If you happen to be going you can catch me at the EMC booth (Enterprise Apps I think) and I also have a session on VMware integration.  Some material will be taken directly from the blog but also some future stuff I can’t post.   Hope to see you there.

My sessions are:

Monday at 12 PM

VMAX3 and VMware in Marcello 4401A

Wednesday at 12 PM

VMAX3 and VMware in Lido 3005



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