vRealize Log Insight VMAX CP update

I recently published an updated VMAX Content Pack (CP 2.5.1) for VMware vRealize Log Insight.  It is available both on the Solutions Exchange:

VMAX CP Solutions Exchangesolutions_exchange

As well as through the Log Insight Marketplace which is embedded into the product:

marketplaceClick to enlarge in new window

This was not intended to be an extensive update but at the time I was planning on posting, VMware let me know they had instituted a new program in an attempt to standardize content packs.  The standardization, however, is not in the sense of VMware wishing to control what a partner wants to show; but rather it is to ensure the partner’s pack is the best it can be and things like queries will execute as quickly as possible.  So in the end this is a good thing though admittedly I wasn’t thrilled with the piling on of work.  I should note, however, that if a CP is already posted, VMware is not taking it down so if you use other partner packs only new postings will have updates.  Given VMware is releasing a new version of Log Insight soon, I would expect most will update at that point.  My new 2.5.1 update will work with that upcoming release as I am part of the beta program so unless something changes I won’t have an update for that release.

Anyway with that long-winded explanation let me cover the few things I did end up updating (minus the VMware requested changes).

One of the areas I’ve spent time investigating for the CP is SLOs on the VMAX3.  In our initial release of the V3 we did not have any alerting capability related to the SLOs – i.e. when a storage group falls out of compliance.  We did however, display the compliance like so:

SLO_UnisphereClick to enlarge in new window

When you provision storage in the more recent Unisphere 8.0.x versions, you will now be asked if you wish to enable compliance alerts.  By default this box will be unchecked:

SLO_compliance_enable_sgClick to enlarge in new window

What this does is setup an alert for this storage group.  Though the alert is set, notifications are not, which means that if there is an alert it will only show up in Unisphere.  To enable notifications, navigate to the Administration page, Alert Settings and select SLO Compliance Alert Policies:


SLO_compliance_alerts_setupClick to enlarge in new window

Once in the compliance alerts, select the storage group, in this case the previously created “SLO_test”.  There is no notification set.  Select Notify and then define the notification you wish to receive.  In this case I have selected Syslog so Log Insight receives it.

enable_SLO_syslogClick to enlarge in new window

There are a few rules to keep in mind concerning storage groups when using this feature.  The storage group must:

  • Be either a child or standalone. Parent storage groups are not supported.
  • Be associated with an SLO other than Optimized or None.
  • Contain volumes other than gatekeepers
  • Be in a masking view
  • Not have a policy currently associated with it

BTW, if you fail to check the box during provisioning but still wish to enable the compliance check, it can also be done from the SLO Compliance Alert Policies page.  Simply select Create (in previous image) and select the storage group to add.  You will still need to setup notifications after this:

create_SLO_alertClick to enlarge in new window

In all cases, by default, the three compliance states are checked but can be adjusted.  If you want to know when an alert is generated, the Unisphere help explains the algorithm.

So all this to say that I’ve added a new widget, Storage group SLO compliance change, to the FAST VP dashboard and renamed it to FAST/SLO.  It is designed to show the alerts we just configured:

FAST_SLO_dashboardClick to enlarge in new window

In addition to the dashboard, I added 5 new user-defined fields for VMAX3 logs in particular.  I’ve put them in a table below with their purpose.

user_fieldsThe latest whitepaper is updated with some of this information (I did not include the compliance walk-through) – VMAX CP for Log Insight WP  The WP is also included in the zip file from Solutions Exchange.


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