EMC Storage Analytics (ESA) 3.3

ESA 3.3 posted today on EMC Support and as usual the development team has gone above and beyond for a quarter's worth of work by both adding to existing platforms and expanding to new ones.  Here are the highlights: Support for the OpenStack architecture Support for VMware VVols on the vVNX (virtual array) - topology... Continue Reading →

VMAX3 HYPERMAX 5977 2015 Q3 SR

Today we add more features and functionality to our flagship array the VMAX3.  The official HYPERMAX release is 5977.691.684 and includes the new code for the VMAX3 as well as Solutions Enabler/Unisphere for VMAX 8.1.  In a quick bullet list here are some of the new and updated features along with a couple links: Device... Continue Reading →

VPLEX Metro and VMware SRM 6.1

With the release of VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 6.1, VMware adds a new type of functionality to their disaster recovery software, support of stretched storage.  SRM has been around for quite a while now, offering the ability to create a DR site for your VMware infrastructure.  The data replication under the covers can be... Continue Reading →

vLab: ESA for VMAX3

One of the great resources we have here at EMC is our vLab environment.  If you've attended EMC World or VMworld you no doubt have seen the hands-on-lab areas where we run many of these vLabs so our customers can learn about new products or perhaps become familiar with new features of products they already... Continue Reading →

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