As I mentioned in my post on the Q3 VMAX3 release, the SRDF SRA and SRDF Adapter Utilities (SRDF-AU) lag the VMAX3 releases by about 2 weeks - yes I was off by a week sorry about that.  In any case they are here today so the wait is over.  The SRDF SRA and SRDF-AU... Continue Reading →

VMworld Barcelona – VMAX3/VVol official launch

Today I am guest-blogging for Ken Werneburg at VMware about our official VMAX3/VVol launch at VMworld Barcelona: VMAX3/VVol at Virtual Blocks Though I have screenshots in the blog, I did not include a demo.  In addition to the narrated demo I have previously posted, I also have an extended (no audio) one you can see... Continue Reading →

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