SRDF SRA TechBook update

I finally got around to updating the SRDF SRA TechBook for the latest release of the SRA – version 6 – which went GA in October.  You can find it here:  SRDF SRA TechBook.  My focus was on updating the compatibility matrices indicating the accompanying versions of Solutions Enabler and SRM that the SRA 6.0 supports; so it is not an extensive update by any means.  I’ve had numerous queries over the past couple months because the book wasn’t updated so I thought I better get it out before the end of the quarter.

The question I get most often is concerning SRM 6.1 and whether we have an SRA to support it – which we don’t.  That SRA will be available in the next HYPERMAX OS release early next year.  I also did not have time to update the various VSI sections in the book to cover the new release SRDF-AU.  I did write about it in a blog post recently (SRDF SRA 6.0/SRDF-AU 6.0) so that will have to suffice as I don’t plan on another TB update until the next SRA release supporting stretched storage (SRDF/Metro).  Fortunately the functionality in the new VSI version has not changed, just the integration into the vSphere Web Client.  So while the look and feel is a bit different, for the most part the TB sections on VSI will be accurate.

On a related note, I modified the Important Docs page and added a new column showing the last time each document was updated.  This should help provide guidance as to what VMware/EMC versions the document will cover.

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