HYPERMAX OS 5977 Q1 2016 SR – VVol GA, SRDF/Metro enhancements

lua Today EMC released our HYPERMAX OS 5977 Q1 2016 Service Release (Product Documentation).  This release is focused heavily around Mainframe which is great news for many of our customers; but there are some features not specific to Mainframe that impact topics I usually write about in my posts. **All the features I will include... Continue Reading →

SRDF SRA 6.1, SRDF-AU 6.1, SRDF/Metro and SRM Stretched Storage

Back in September of last year I did a post on a new VPLEX SRA which supported SRM stretched storage (VPLEX SRM stretched).  What can I say they beat us to the punch so credit where credit is due.  But today is a new day as we announce the SRDF SRA 6.1 and support for... Continue Reading →

VSI 6.8 – VMAX AFA and eNAS

It's a busy end to our Q1 this year with a deluge of releases.  Like our other quarterly released product ESA (3.5), the latest version of VSI, 6.8, is now available.  We have some new support and a new feature on the VMAX side.  VSI 6.8 will be the first version which supports both the... Continue Reading →

EMC Storage Analytics 3.5

A few days ago EMC posted our quarterly release of ESA, version 3.5.   You can find the software and documentation here: EMC ESA I apologize as I'm a bit later than I normally post when a new software is available, mostly because our new HYPERMAX OS is coming out shortly and I'm knee-deep in... Continue Reading →

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