EMC Storage Analytics 3.5

A few days ago EMC posted our quarterly release of ESA, version 3.5.   You can find the software and documentation here:


I apologize as I’m a bit later than I normally post when a new software is available, mostly because our new HYPERMAX OS is coming out shortly and I’m knee-deep in VVols and SRDF/Metro with SRM (papers and posts); but I only had 2 or 3 items to emphasize and thought it could wait.  Here are the new features in this release:

    • Supports upgrades from VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.1 and EMC Storage Analytics 3.4.
    • Supports vRealize Operations Manager 6.2
    • Trial license keys are no longer required. Leave the license key field blank.
    • Supports automated remedial action for extending an XtremIO® volume
    • Supports EMC Isilon® 8.0 or later (does not support Isilon 7.x)
    • Provides additional metrics, alerts, views, and reports for EMC Isilon
    • Supports EMC VNX® Block OE, File OE
    • Supports EMC VPLEX® 5.5.1,
    • Supports EMC RecoverPoint® 4.3.1
    • Supports EMC VMAX All Flash models

This release was focused on Isilon support, along with some minor updates for the other platforms.  It also introduces support for the VMAX All Flash array family, or VMAX AFA.  This is of course distinct from VMAX (aka VMAX2) and VMAX3 arrays.  The VMAX AFA does require a special version of SMI-S (8.1.2) so note that if you are running that platform.  Another universal update is that ESA 3.5 supports vROps 6.2 which I know more than one person has been waiting for (as they have pinged me).

The final item I would emphasize is that trial licenses no longer have to be obtained to test out ESA.  For some reason obtaining a trial license could be, well, a trial in itself for some customers.  I’m not sure why but in any case problem solved.  You can enter as many adapter instances as you want, leaving the license field blank.  ESA will automatically keep track for 90 days (trial length).  After 90 days the adapter instance will no longer collect data but at any time you can update the instance with a full license.  And sorry we do keep track of information about the adapter instance if you were thinking of removing and adding back the instance after 90 days :-).  No Windows trial rearming here.  So you are out of excuses if you have vROps and haven’t tried out ESA – take it for a spin.


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