VSI 6.9.2 – VMAX2 deprecation, SMI-S expansion

We usually don't have minor point releases with VSI but there was some delay with support for VVols on the Unity platform which necessitated this second VSI release in June. Fortunately at the same time we were able to fix an issue with VMAX3/VMAX All Flash connectivity to the SMI-S Provider. As I mentioned in... Continue Reading →

VSI 6.9 – SMI-S 8.2, 6.0 U2

This week EMC released VSI 6.9.  This release is actually 1 of 2 for version 6.9, with the second one scheduled for the end of this month.  The reason for the second release has to do with the timing of new storage code for some platforms; so rather than pushing the changes to the next... Continue Reading →

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