What’s in a name? The SRDF Utilities for SRM

I've spent countless hours documenting our SRDF SRA for SRM and the accompanying Utilities.  Unfortunately there are subtleties in the product pair which continue to confuse both our customers and our own employees who work with those customers.  After writing yet another email response about this topic the other day I thought I'd take a stab at... Continue Reading →

vRA 7 and VVols on VMAX3, VMAX All Flash

Recently I deployed vRealize Automation 7 (vRA) to see how VVols might integrate with it on the VMAX platform. (Disclaimer - I am by no means a vRA expert, but I have worked with it a bit, mostly with our hybrid cloud.)  As you know (or if you don't check out some of my other VVol... Continue Reading →

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