EMC & VMworld 2016

It’s VMworld this week in Vegas and EMC as usual will have a big presence at the show.  I count 19 different sessions you can attend that cover a plethora of EMC technologies, along with the many things to see at our booth in the Solutions Exchange.  Though you will not see my name listed among the sessions, I helped out a colleague with his by creating the demo portion.  It is a joint EMC-VMware VVol introductory session.  Our product manager Rajib Ghosh will present, along with Ben Meadowcroft from VMware (@benmeadowcroft), the “Why” of VVols.  Here is the catalog entry:

vvol_session Click to enlarge – use browser back button to return to post

It’s a tough slot – a noon on the last day of the show – but if you’re around grab a lunch and head in to hear about why you should be thinking about VVols if you aren’t already.  You don’t have to be an EMC customer (though if you’re reading my blog I’m guessing you are) as Ben will be covering VVols at a high level; the VMAX3 and VMAX All Flash are simply being used as (stellar) examples of enterprise VVol platforms.  After Thursday’s session I’ll post the demo (a honed version of my longer one on this site) here:

On a side note, if you have some time Wednesday at 2 PM and found my post here on VVol integration with vRA interesting, my friend Cody Hosterman (@codyhosterman) is giving a session on vRO and vRA integration.  Yes he works for a competitor but he’s done some good stuff that is easily applicable to EMC storage and he’s a great presenter so check it out and let me know if you’d like to see some of it with the VMAX.  He’s very generous with time and assistance so I’m sure he’d give me a hand porting it over if our customers like what they see.  Enjoy the show.


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