PP/VE 6.1, SRDF/Metro and Autostandby

PowerPath Virtual Edition (PP/VE) 6.1 is now available for download from support.emc.com. This release offers a new feature which has been available previously on VPLEX Metro configurations, Autostandby or ASB.  When enabled (default), ASB is able to determine which device paths have a higher latency to storage, automatically assigning them to a standby status.  This capability is... Continue Reading →

SRDF SRA 6.2 – Metro, Witness, and DR

Dell EMC SRDF SRA 6.2 is now available for download and use with the latest HYPERMAX OS Q3 SR. This SRA brings support for a couple features which greatly enhance SRDF/Metro capabilities in SRM. The first is the ability to use the SRA with a Metro pair that is protected by a Witness (physical or... Continue Reading →

VSI 7.0 – the VMAX release

Last week we got ESA 4.1 with some nice VMAX additions, today VSI 7.0 with even more - hence "the VMAX release". Alright it's not really named that but that's what I'm calling it. Considering VSI 7.0 gets us to about 99% of the features the VSI thick client had for VMAX, this is the release we've... Continue Reading →

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