SRDF/Metro WP Update

Just a quick post to let you know I completed the update of my SRDF/Metro whitepaper to reflect both changes in the 5977 2016 Q3 SR and the SRDF SRA 6.2 release. In short, here are the general changes:

  • Included new functionality for virtual witness (vWitness). Though the environment I present in the paper uses a physical witness, I explain how a vWitness could replace it instead (or even in addition).
  • Updated naming convention changes. In the initial release of SRDF/Metro we called the witness a “quorum”. Here is an example:

quorumClick to enlarge – use browser back button to return to post

Of course the witness is a quorum, but we decided to change the naming to witness for consistency:


Click to enlarge – use browser back button to return to post

There are other places the name changed, too, but no matter what version of Solutions Enabler/Unisphere for VMAX you are running, just remember quorum=witness.

  • Mention of PP/VE 6.1 in relation to vMSC uniform configurations.
  • Explanation of how to add SRDF/Metro pairs online.
  • Discussion of the SRDF SRA 6.2 – in particular that SRDF/Metro configurations with witness in VMware SRM is now supported as well as 3-site, cascaded or concurrent setups.

As always I try to keep these papers up-to-date (within reason) so you have the latest information available as you configure your environments.


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