VMAX CP for Log Insight rebrand

When Dell took over EMC, there were a number of sub-company names created for the purposes of distinguishing products across our portfolio. While the company as a whole is known as Dell Technologies, the division I work for retained the EMC name so we are known as Dell EMC (hence my banner). (This is not inside information by the way, you can find this out with a simple Google search.) The new name, however, could not simply be stamped onto existing products willy-nilly, as it would serve to confuse our customers (and truth be told the employees too). For some products it was fairly easy to add the Dell prefix as in Dell EMC VMAX, but other name changes will take longer and some I suspect will never change. One of the products I own – the VMAX Content Pack for VMware Log Insight –  is ready for the change, but doing so does disrupt the continuity of the product so I am going to explain it here.

For those who are unaware of this product, VMware vRealize Log Insight is VMware’s log aggregator that delivers automated log management through log analytics, aggregation and search. Besides VMware logs, you can configure any component in your infrastructure to send logs to Log Insight (syslog) for storage in the database. Viewing that log information as is, however, can be daunting. To address this, VMware uses Content Packs which are collections of dashboards, queries, user-defined fields, etc. that logically display the log information. This enables administrators to conduct problem analysis and analytics on their array(s). We have a Content Pack for VMAX (VMAX CP) which aggregates our log information sent from Solutions Enabler and Unisphere for VMAX. If you need more detail on Log Insight (LI) and the VMAX CP in general (along with how the Marketplace works), I have lots of posts you can leverage before continuing on here.

So LI started at version 1.0 back around the summer of 2013. At that time I created the VMAX CP (one of the first available), and since then have updated it about 7 times up to the current LI release 4.3. The CP is called the “EMC – VMAX” Content Pack. I’m sure it didn’t take you long to realize that we are missing a word there – Dell. Unfortunately renaming the CP isn’t exactly straightforward. Because LI relies on the name (and something called the namespace) to offer upgrades through the Marketplace, changing those settings breaks the upgrade path. In the end there wasn’t another option except to create a new CP. The LI team at VMware headed by Ted Dunn was great getting me through the process. What we decided to do was create the new Dell EMC – VMAX CP, version 1.0, and over time remove the existing 3.0 EMC – VMAX CP.

Right now both CPs are available in the VMware Marketplace – red is new, blue is old:

If you are new to VMAX, it’s quite easy since you simply pick the new Dell EMC – VMAX CP. If, however, you already have the EMC – VMAX CP installed, you first need to uninstall it. Here are the steps go about transitioning to the new CP. I’ll list the steps and then show them graphically.

  1. Navigate to the Content Packs page within LI from the right-hand menu
  2. From the left-hand menu select EMC-VMAX under Installed Content Packs
  3. From the drop-down menu on the widget, select Uninstall
  4. Confirm Uninstall

Once uninstalled, you can install the Dell EMC – VMAX CP.

I’ve updated the documentation, but right now the only one available is part of the zip that you can download from the Solutions Exchange. Just select the “Try” button and it will download a zip file with the PDF. I’ll have the one on support.EMC.com updated in a few days. Remember that Log Insight is a free product if you have a vCenter license so really there is no reason not to try it.


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