5977 HYPERMAX OS Q2 2017

In conjunction with Dell EMC World, we have announced our latest HYPERMAX OS release (the software that runs on the VMAX3/VMAX All Flash). I’m never quite sure of the naming for these releases, but this one does not have the usual “SR” designation which is defined as a service release. If I were comparing it to our software products this would be a whole number release, e.g. 3.0, versus a point release, e.g. 3.1. And what sets them apart? Well the features and/or hardware. In this case we have a new platform, the VMAX 950 – it’s a monster. I swiped this from my colleague Vince:

The new release also introduces (or re-introduces as the case may be) RecoverPoint support for the VMAX All Flash. So RecoverPoint is both hardware and software – appliances and the software that runs on them. These are physical appliances, by the way, there is no virtual appliance (see RP4VM). Availability is pending GA of RP 5.1.

Now the implementation is a bit different than the RecoverPoint (RP) that existed (and still does actually) with the VMAX2. That solution supports both asynchronous and synchronous. This RP uses TimeFinder/SnapVX technology to forward changes to the other side asynchronously. RP will support both VMAX AF to VMAX AF and VMAX AF to our other platforms. I have a separate post on this so I’ll end the intro here.

This next feature is born of a customer request –  Secure Snaps. This refers to SnapVX. Normally when you create a snapshot you can decide its life cycle, as can anyone with access to Unisphere/API. I can terminate it whenever I want, even if there is an expiration date assigned. Secure Snaps are always created with an expiration date but this expiration date can only be extended, not shortened. Secure Snaps protect against changes – accidental or malicious. There is no back-door either here, once a Secure Snap is created it cannot be terminated until expiration. When creating in Unisphere there is a new check box and time setting with a warning.

If you do try to delete it before the expiration, you will be told so.

There are plenty of other enhancements in the release – not least of which is faster code. You can find the Release Notes here.


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