SRDF Adapter Utilities End of Life

The SRDF Adapter Utilities (SRDF-AU) is a free, optional plug-in that provides a GUI interface to modify the XML files that are part of the SRDF SRA for VMware SRM and used primarily in testing.

The SRDF-AU only runs on Windows and therefore requires that one of the vCenters in an SRM configuration is running on Windows. The SRDF-AU, due to its design, cannot be ported to another platform such as Linux. This is problematic since VMware has been steadily moving toward their vCenter appliance (VCSA) as the default platform. In vSphere 6.5 they even have the ability to migrate a Windows vCenter to VCSA online. These realities mean that the SRDF-AU is fast becoming an obsolete plug-in. Therefore Dell EMC has decided that the upcoming SRDF-AU 6.3 (early June) will be the terminal release of the plug-in. Support will end on July 31, 2017. To help customers who already run VCSA or are moving in that direction, we created a Python script which will generate the test failover XML file. The script is provided “as is” and is not a supported product from Dell EMC. Customers, however, may feel free to use the script and even modify it as they require. I wrote a post on this a while ago which you can find here which will explain everything about the script and how to get it. I did test the script with the upcoming SRA 6.3 and it works perfectly fine.

If you are unable to use the script, e.g. company operating restrictions, the files will need to be edited manually. Remember, however, that the XML files used by the SRA are not required for Planned Migration or DR. Their function is primarily based on testing scenarios.

We have a knowledge base article which includes this EOL information:


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