VSI 7.2 – vSphere 6.5 support

VSI 7.2 is available today for download here. This is quite a minor release, though not unimportant because it adds support for vSphere 6.5. Now you might say, wait I thought you introduced vSphere 6.5 support In VSI 7.1. Yeah, well we did kind of, but it was only support for the 6.5 Web Client itself, not any features. So with 7.2 you can actually use the vSphere 6.5 features (I know what a novel idea). With this release you now have the ability to create VMFS 6 datastores and view their properties. During datastore creation from the VSI menu, therefore, you’ll be able to choose VMFS 6.

And here are the details, once the datastore is created:

Just a reminder we have the VMAX views, too.

Now while I say we support the vSphere 6.5 features, there are a couple caveats. First, when the VMFS 6 datastore wizard is called by VSI, it does not include the partition screen which is where automated UNMAP is set. By default, UNMAP is enabled so it is not a glaring omission, but if you don’t want automated UNMAP, you will have to manually turn it off as so:

The second caveat is that if you use NFS datastores with eNAS on VMAX, there is no support for NFS 4 in the VSI wizard. If you need NFS 4 you would have to use VMware’s standard datastore wizard.

The only other new feature in VSI 7.2 is a security change. We now disable SSH on SIS be default. Though 7.2 is a bit light on the features, remember that we support many storage platforms so each VSI release will support the latest software on those platforms. This requires lots of testing which sometimes limits our features.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that 7.2 may be our terminal VSI Web Client release. As I’ve mentioned we are moving the HTML 5 soon so any new features will be ported over to that platform. It is possible we might have to release a patch to 7.x to say support new storage releases, but it is about time to say goodbye to this iteration of VSI and move on to the latest vSphere Client.


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