Solutions Enabler vApp Installation/SRDF SRA

When it comes to configuring the SRDF SRA with SRM, many of our customers use an external Solutions Enabler installation rather than the one installed on the SRM server. The preferred implementation I see is the Solutions Enabler vApp. It is frankly the easiest since it does not require an OS, however there are a few configuration steps needed after it is deployed, namely the assignment of Gatekeepers and the activation of the storrdfd and storsrvd daemons. A customer of ours requested a bit more detail on deploying the vApp so I created a walkthrough demo of the process. As it is the giving season, I post it here for anyone who might need help.



2 thoughts on “Solutions Enabler vApp Installation/SRDF SRA

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  1. Excellent video, I have configured Same in environment but i am missing piece at VMware SRM perspective, after discover vapp manager solution manager where do I need the servers in app manager

    1. Hi Seshi, The management servers are configured in SRM after you install the SRA. If you navigate to the documentation library link on my blog there are 2 techbooks listed which cover the SRA, depending on the version. They have detail about the management servers configuration.

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