Dell EMC ESA 4.5

Dell EMC ESA 4.5 is now available for download here. The first thing you’ll notice is there has been a name change. Although Dell bought EMC years ago at this point, name changes can take time as there are all sorts of legal hoops to jump through as well as individual country requirements. The good news for users is that if you are upgrading the name change will be transparent. Once installed the new name will appear in your solutions as Dell EMC Enterprise Storage Analytics:

Yes, a bit of a mouthful so you can still just call it ESA – just remember the E is for Enterprise not EMC.

This release has two new features, in addition to some new country support (aka localization). First, ESA 4.5 supports vRealize Operations 6.7 which was just released today. A bunch of new features in that you can check out here. Second, by customer request we’ve added a new capacity metric for the Storage Resource Pool (SRP) on the VMAX, Dell EMC Subscribed Capacity. You may notice that we also renamed these capacity metrics from EMC… to Dell EMC… to match the new product name.

Carry on.


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