VMAX Plugin for vRO Workflow Modification

Some of you may be very familiar with vRealize Orchestrator and how to go about customizing these workflows that are part of the VMAX Plugin. For those who are not, I thought I would show you how to make a change to an existing attribute of a workflow to enable another option. I’m going to use screenshots rather than a demo since the steps are not complicated.

This particular change was driven by need because I had to create some Gatekeepers and I wanted to use the traditional size of 3 cylinders. So I went to run the workflow called “Create Storage Device”:

I clicked run and first provided my array:

Next I put in my device size and went to select cylinders and found to my disappointment that we only offer GB and MB. Since this workflow is just going to pass the information through the REST API, and the size type of ‘CYL’ is perfectly legitimate, I want to change this workflow to allow me to choose it.

In order to make the change I start in step 1 by selecting ‘Design’ mode instead of ‘Run’. Then in step 2 I select the ‘Presentation’ tab. Finally in step 3 I select the pencil icon to edit the workflow.

In Presentation mode I have access to all the fields on the left-hand side of the screen. I have 4 steps in this one which I’ll list here:

  1. Highlight the field for device size on the left.
  2. Click the editable blue box.
  3. Type in ‘CYL’ for cylinders and select “Insert value”.
  4. Click ‘Accept’ to complete the process.

After adding the new variable you can save and close the workflow. You will be presented with an option to create a new version of the workflow. This is completely up to you. If you think you need to revert the workflow at some point, you can add a version, otherwise just save it to the original. In this case I applied it to the original since I always want to be able to pick CYL.

Let’s see if it worked. I change back to ‘Run’, and then execute the workflow. When I get to the device screen there’s my CYL option.

So now you know how to make these simple adjustments. If you want to try another, I recommend the workflow “Provision VMFS datastore to vSphere cluster using new VMAX storage”. For the workflow we forgot to offer VMFS version 6. We only have 3 and 5 listed. We didn’t make the same mistake for the “Provision VMFS datastore to ESXi Server using new VMAX storage” so you can use that as an example. What I also did for both workflows is remove the VMFS 3 option.  You don’t need that.


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