Dell EMC VMAX and PowerMax Content Pack

This week I published a new update to the VMAX Content Pack which is used in conjunction with VMware Log Insight, VMware’s log collection software. You can locate it under the new name Dell EMC VMAX and PowerMax Content Pack in the VMware Solutions Exchange:

or online within your own Log Insight installation:

The description (and function) is essentially the same as before:

If you are not familiar with Log Insight or content packs, I’ve had a number of posts over the years which can bring you up to speed. A simple search on my site will yield them for you:

Log Insight Posts

This  update to the content pack was precipitated by the release of our new platform the Dell EMC PowerMax. Fortunately, the generation of logs by Solutions Enabler or Unisphere for PowerMax for the new platform differs little from the VMAX which allows the content pack to serve all VMAX/PowerMax arrays (including VMAX2).

The new Dell EMC VMAX and PowerMax content pack replaces either the EMC – VMAX content pack or the Dell EMC – VMAX content pack. If either of these content packs are installed, please uninstall them before installing this content pack since they cannot be upgraded. I have removed the old content packs to avoid any confusion. Note that the new content pack does require Log Insight 4.6.x.

I’ve made a number of changes to the dashboards. Two of them were completely renamed and repurposed. In the previous content pack I had a dashboard called Virtual provisioning overview and FAST/SLO. These two are now Thin pool overview and Service levels respectively. The thin pool dashboard is mostly designed for older VMAX arrays which employed thin pools managed by users.

The service levels dashboard helps identify compliance of storage groups.

Other changes are less noticeable – a widget here or there, many description changes, and a renaming of all user defined fields to have a new prefix of dellemc_vpmax_. Otherwise you’ll find many things are the same. I’ve also updated the whitepaper in case you want more detail.

Dell EMC Content Pack

As a reminder Log Insight is “free” if you own vCenter (25 OSI licenses) so it might be worth a look if you haven’t yet. I’m always interested in feedback or feature requests so feel free to leave a comment. Thanks.


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