VSI 7.4 – PowerMax support

So I believe this is our last VMware integration product to be certified with PowerMax. VSI 7.4 is still based on the vSphere Web Client, though the HTML 5 client is coming along – Q3 I’d guess at this point though don’t quote me. As I mentioned before, the continuation of the Web Client version is mostly to support new platform hardware/software releases until the HTML 5 plugin is complete. In 7.4, therefore, we get support for PowerMax 2000 and 8000 as well as PowerMaxOS running on a VMAX All Flash.

VSI 7.4 continues to use the SMI-S Provider so with PowerMax you’ll need either the one in  Unisphere for PowerMax or Solutions Enabler 9.0. I’m using the SMI-S Provider in Unisphere in the image below. Note that I have both VMAX All Flash arrays and a PowerMax, however the Storage system type is still VMAX. We did not create a separate PowerMax entry so don’t get confused looking for it.

By the way, the upcoming HTML 5 plugin will move to the Unisphere REST API and away from SMI-S.

When you provision to a PowerMax, if you want a storage group that has deduplication enabled, choose one that has a Yes in the Compression column. PowerMax does not separate compression and deduplication and therefore a yes for that storage group means both are enabled.

Besides PowerMax, there are a few performance fixes in 7.4 for VMAX/PowerMax views. These are for the following:

  • General datastore view
  • EMC VMAX Datastore Viewer
  • EMC VMAX LUN Viewer

These views suffered from very slow response in previous releases. The code has been changed to return results faster and it seems effective based on my testing.

The VSI 7.4 binary and documentation are available here.


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