TechBook update for PowerMax

Well PowerMax has been out for a few months now but I only just finished my VMAX/PowerMax/VMware TechBook update here. It’s always a bear to be perfectly honest since it encompasses all best practices but the blog can only buy me so much time before we need it in official form. I’ve managed to get it to under 400 pages which I know is still long but it is a picture book 🙂 So just a highlight of the changes:

  • I made it a point of separating out sections on older VMAX arrays (e.g. VMAX 20K) and newer ones. I did this by referring to the microcode so you’ll see titles like VMAX (Enginuity). I explain this in the preface.
  • Removed most of the old TimeFinder commands – clone, snap, etc. and just focused on SnapVX. It’s time to move on, use the new technology!
  • Added vSphere 6.7 changes, e.g. fixed UNMAP
  • Updated the section on RecoverPoint
  • Online SRDF expansion
  • Unisphere for PowerMax VMware integration

In general I would say that though the PowerMax has a complete NVMe backend, the best practices I laid out for VMAX All Flash in this post still hold true for PowerMax so feel free to use it as a reference point. Any questions let me know.


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