VMAX (and PowerMax!) plugin for vRO update

*** Update 3/14/19 ***

There is a new plugin available for vRO here which is a supported version.



I’ve posted our latest update to the vRO plugin to the GitHub. The developers have used this release to fix a number of issues I found in my testing, but most importantly we now support Unisphere for PowerMax 9.0 and thus the PowerMax array. In addition you can now run vRO/vRA 7.4  or 7.5. Since we now support Unisphere 9.0, you don’t need to add more than one Unisphere to the plugin because 9.0 supports both VMAX and PowerMax (assuming you use a single management source).

If you already have the plugin installed, you can use the new o11nplugin-vroplugin.dar to upgrade. I’ve included the directions in the VMAX_Plugin_for_VMware_vRealize_Orchestrator_User_Guide.pdf file on GitHub. It’s a straightforward process.

Other than the new plugin and updates to the readme and pdf, the rest of the files that accompanied the original plugin have not yet been updated. Those other files are not required for the operation of the plugin, they are simply reference material. The one change the developers are still working on is renaming. Since we support PowerMax, the current naming convention which uses “VMAX” is confusing. That change is a real time consuming operation, unfortunately, and as the developers do this on the side it will take some time, but it is just cosmetic.

One final thing since I get this question a lot from customers – when will the plugin be supported? This particular instantiation of the plugin will never be officially supported; however, as part of our move to the HTML 5 version of the Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI), the workflows that are part of the plugin will be ported into VSI itself or an associated universal vRO plugin (supporting multiple arrays). In either of those cases it will be a supported product. And the next question…timeline. Expect it next year.


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