SPBM update for vRA – VVols

I wanted to let you know about an update to Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) with vRealize Automation. If you are in this space, you may have read my post on how to use VMware's SPBM package with Virtual Volumes. At a high level the package allowed you to use vCenter configured storage policies when... Continue Reading →

vRO Plugin for PowerMax – vRA Automation

Though I've covered this previously with the other plugin, I thought it worthwhile to include it again for the PowerMax one, particularly as it supports vRA 7.5 so the interface is different from the other write-up. As a reminder I am using a simple vRA deployment - vApp and IAAS server - and a single... Continue Reading →

VMware vRO Plug-in for Dell EMC PowerMax

Today we released the VMware vRealize Orchestrator Plug-in for Dell EMC PowerMax which is available here for download. For those readers of my blog, you may recall we already have a PowerMax/VMAX plugin for vRO which I wrote about here. This original plugin is only available on GitHub and is open-source, meaning there is no... Continue Reading →

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