SPBM update for vRA – VVols

I wanted to let you know about an update to Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) with vRealize Automation. If you are in this space, you may have read my post on how to use VMware’s SPBM package with Virtual Volumes. At a high level the package allowed you to use vCenter configured storage policies when deploying to a VVol datastore. So I would be able to provision a VM to say a Diamond policy, rather than having to take the default service level associated with the storage container. In reality it is a two-stage process, the VM is provisioned and then the policy is changed, but as it is all online the user is none the wiser unless they are watching closely.

A few months ago VMware converted the package into a vRO plugin (yes like the one for PowerMax). You can find the plugin on the VMware Solution Exchange here. The plugin definitely makes things easier from both an installation and maintenance perspective. More recently (last month) they updated the plugin to version 2.5 to support the latest vRA versions (7.4, 7.5) so I figured it was a good time to bring it up given our plugin. In addition the new plugin is fully supported with a vRA license.

Now the plugin is essentially the package so I’m not going to re-write my post on it. I’ve implemented it and in so doing compared the documentation between the package and the plugin. They are essentially the same, save for the plugin doesn’t use the reservation of the VVol datastore(s) that the package did. Otherwise you will find the new plugin very familiar. If you run into any issues, feel free to leave a comment as I worked through a bunch myself and may have seen the problem.


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