Reducing snapshot VM stun time: VVol VASA Provider upgrade

One of the features of Virtual Volumes (VVols) is that when you take a VM snapshot it uses the array technology instead of VMware's host-based solution. If you use VMware with VMFS or NFS you are probably quite familiar with the sight of VMware's snapshot files which include a .vmsd file, a couple vmdks -... Continue Reading →

vSphere Automatic UNMAP/XCOPY issue

Patch fix is available here: The relevant fix you can find in the release notes is: PR 2411494: VMFS6 automatic asynchronous reclamation of free space might work at a higher space reclamation priority than configured ******** Update 10-14 ******** VMware has formalized the fix I tested and it is set to be included in the... Continue Reading →

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