vVols, VVols, VVOLs or again vVols?

So which is the correct spelling of VMware’s storage paradigm? If you said, “all of them?” it would be hard to fault you. VMware has gone through many iterations of the capitalization before landing on “VVols” for the past couple years anyway. Well it was too good to last and VMware is asking for another change. They’ve settled on “vVols” with the lowercase “v” to align with their other products like vSphere, vSAN, etc. The official title was also altered to include “vSphere” so VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes. In the grand scheme of things it’s not all that important since they didn’t rename the product, just changed the capitalization. They did request that I update my whitepaper, however, which I did, and at the same time I took the opportunity to add a few VASA Provider troubleshooting updates. You can find the vVol paper link in the Documentation Library. I didn’t go crazy and update screenshots or CLI in the document and it is unlikely the capitalization will change in Solutions Enabler or Unisphere in the next release of our software but I’m sure we’ll all manage 😉 I’m also not updating any of my previous blog posts so you’ll have to do the mental translation.


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