Targetless SnapVX Gold Copies with SRDF SRA

Gold Copies The SRDF SRA for VMware SRM has the capability to take copies of the R1 or R2 before running a failover of the environment. This adds a layer of protection in case something happens to either of the production copies of data. Unfortunately, these XML files (EmcSrdfSraProtectionSiteGoldcopyConfig.xml and EmcSrdfSraRecoverySiteGoldcopyConfig) cannot take advantage of... Continue Reading →

VASA Provider 9.1 ESXi validation errors

In our recent PowerMaxOS release I mentioned that we have a new VASA Provider, version 9.1. I noted our recommendation to upgrade to this release, particularly for the performance benefit related to snapshots; however, I failed to mention a VMware bug in ESXi 6.7 that can cause issues when deploying the new version. I was... Continue Reading →

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