SRDF SRA TechBook 9.1

I published the latest SRDF SRA TechBook version 9.1 today. You can get it here. A reminder that this TechBook only covers SRA 9.x. Prior SRA versions are in the original TB which is located in the documentation library. Besides the changes for 9.1, I added some sections which I have covered in this blog at some point. I think the most useful new information is in chapter 2 where I discuss Test Failover in more detail, including the different ways tests are run. The majority of questions I get from customers is about the testfailover operation and I’ve endeavored to include all the answers I’ve given over the years.

Another topic I address is targetless gold copy snapshots. We have functionality in the SRA to take gold copy snapshots before failover in order to retain a backup copy. Unfortunately it requires target devices to link to. With SnapVX, however, there isn’t a need for this. As I mentioned, I have targetless gold snapshots on the roadmap, but I provide a way this can be done today in the TB.

Just a note that the latest version will have a date of November 2019.

As I’m at VMworld Europe with limited time, I’ll leave it at that.


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  1. Have any issues been found with the SRDF SRA 9.1 with VMware vCenter Server/vSphere 6.7 Update 3? I see the small print says this will not be certified until the next major SRA release, but any information on any potential issues would be really helpful.

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