Tech Preview of SRM with vVols on PowerMax

Disclaimer: This post concerns pre-GA releases from both VMware and Dell EMC. This overview of new technology represents no commitment from VMware or Dell EMC to deliver these features in any generally available product.

Today at VMworld Europe, VMware and Dell EMC introduced a preview of VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) with VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols) on the PowerMax array with SRDF replication. Part of this presentation included a couple demos, one covers the setup of vVols on PowerMax, including protecting VMs with SRDF. The second video walks through protecting that VM with VMware SRM. I have included them below as part of this tech preview. No, I’m not going to speak about either company’s implementation in detail because nothing has been finalized, including release dates, or even if it will release (read disclaimer). Instead, please enjoy the videos for what they are, and what possibilities they show for the future of vVols and PowerMax.

This tech preview video covers configuring vVols on the PowerMax from storage container creation through protection of vVol VMs with SRDF.

This tech preview video covers protecting vVol VMs with Site Recovery Manager. It will also show a Test Failover of vVol VMs. You’ll notice the functionality is very similar to using the auto target device option with the current SRDF SRA and VMFS.


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