PowerMax Content Pack for Log Insight v1.1

I've posted an update to the The Dell EMC VMAX And PowerMax Content Pack For VMware vRealize Log Insight which you can find on the VMware Marketplace. You can also install it directly from your implementation as below: The new version only has a couple changes. The first is a renaming of "VVol" references to... Continue Reading →

Custom create volumes workflow in vRO PowerMax Plug-in

Our REST API is quite versatile and as you may have recently seen, we continue to take advantage of the capabilities it has via the PowerMax Plug-in; but of course it can't do everything. One of our customers recently requested the ability to create devices on the array without having to add them to a... Continue Reading →

vRO Plug-in for Dell EMC PowerMax Version 1.2

Version 1.2 of the PowerMax vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) Plug-in is now available for download from our support site or the VMware Marketplace. For those new to vRO or the plug-in, the PowerMax Plug-in allows users to run workflows using the REST API (part of Unisphere for PowerMax) to automate both provisioning and protection, among other... Continue Reading →

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