Load balancing VAAI commands in PP/VE

I had a recent query concerning whether PowerPath/VE supported the load balancing of VAAI commands. Though I was fairly certain this feature was added, my memory not being what it used to be, I did some digging to confirm. Most of the VAAI commands – ATS, WRITE SAME, and UNMAP were added in PP/VE 6.1 for use with vSphere 6.x. The last command, XCOPY, was added in version 6.3. Unfortunately only the 6.3 Release Notes mention the load balancing:

The current version of PP/VE is 6.6 so chances are if you run PowerPath your version supports VAAI load balancing. If you are still running a version prior to 6.3, upgrading will enable all VAAI load balancing.


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