Documentation update

I was trying to find a way to note that I updated a doc on this site without doing a post but I gave up, hence the post. I actually updated 2 docs, the VAAI doc and the best practices TechBook. I thought I did the VAAI doc a while ago but I guess I had never consolidated the newer information from the blog posts into the doc. Anyway I did now. The doc is level with the current PowerMaxOS 5978.479.479 release. I think the biggest change is the VAAI stats (which is also a blog post). The TechBook is now also at the current release. I think this will be the last update with the VMAX/Enginuity platform. I haven’t decided if I will keep this version and simply create a new TB like I did for the SRA, but I think it’s time to move on from that platform and the older technologies. You can find the docs in the usual place, the library.


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