KB on 3-site SRDF/Metro Cascaded with SRM

I've been helping out development with some future configuration scenarios with SRM and the SRDF SRA and came across a behavior that could cause customers a problem running a 3-site SRDF/Metro cascaded setup. Funny thing is, the behavior of our array code which brings about the issue has been around for at least 2 PowerMaxOS... Continue Reading →

vRealize Operations 8.1 and vVols

I normally don't cover VMware's new releases for non-vSphere products unless we have integration available, however in this case I wanted to point out some new functionality in vROps 8.1. Our Dell EMC Enterprise Storage Analytics plugin just released version 5.1 which supports vROps 8.0 only. Given the close proximity of the releases I know... Continue Reading →

Non-Disruptive Migration (NDM) with VMware

Non-Disruptive Migration, or NDM, is a capability offered on our arrays that allows you to move from an older array to a newer array with no downtime (hence non-disruptive). NDM has been around for years at this point, but I see it infrequently in VMware environments because of the use of VMware's own NDM, Storage... Continue Reading →

VMware SRM 8.3 GA

In addition to vSphere 7, VMware released SRM 8.3 today. The big ticket item in SRM 8.3 is support for Virtual Volume (vVol) array replication. Prior to 8.3, VMware only supported vSphere Replication with vVols but now array vendors can enable support via their VASA Providers. With SRM and vVols there is no requirement for... Continue Reading →

vSphere 7, PowerMax and FC-NVMe

vSphere 7 is GA today and introduces support for NVMeoF or NVMe over Fabrics. The PowerMax has supported NVMe over Fibre Channel (FC-NVMe) since our last major release, 5978.444.444, at that time making the PowerMax a complete NVMe solution from host to back-end. Until now, however, FC-NVMe could not be used in VMware environments.  **************************Update****************************... Continue Reading →

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