ESA 6.0

Dell EMC Enterprise Storage Analytics (ESA) 6.0 is now available for download here. We’ve actually had a couple releases prior to 6.0: 5.0 and 5.1. I did not blog about those versions because they were focused on other platforms, that and we have capable bloggers from those platforms who covered the releases.

The current release only has some minor changes for PowerMax, but enough that we should discuss them.

PowerMaxOS 5978.669.669

ESA 6.0 supports our latest PowerMaxOS release.

vVols and vROps 8.1

Firstly, unlike all of our previous releases, ESA 6.0 is tied to a single vRealize Operations release, version 8.1. If you are not running that release, you’ll need to get there before upgrading ESA. If you are not on 8.1 and cannot be, please do not upgrade ESA until you can (yes it will let you). The reason for this is that in vROps 8.1, VMware added support for native vVol identification. As you may know we have had vVol support for some time in ESA, but the coding and mapping of objects was all our own. In ESA 6.0 we were able to integrate VMware’s new support, drop our code, and thus why vROps 8.1 is the only version we support.

Removal of VMAX Connection Type

We’ve now moved away from the VMAX name in the plugin in favor of PowerMax. We did this for a couple other platforms also (renames). Really the only place you’ll see this (or not see as the case may be) is when you add an adapter instance.

The code was always the same for both instances, so this is just a cosmetic change. Whether you are adding a PowerMax or a VMAX All Flash, use the PowerMax Connection Type.

New Metrics

There are three new metrics available. These were added to satisfy a customer request. I’ll list them below with a screenshot showing where you can find them in vROps. As these are metrics available in Unisphere for PowerMax, you can always reference the online help there if you need more detail, however they are really self-explanatory.

FE Director Status (at the FE director)

Dell EMC Data Reduction Ratio (at the SRP)

Dell EMC System Metadata Used (at the Adapter Instance)




A quick word on NVMe over fabrics on the PowerMax which uses FC and thus supports FC-NVMe. vSphere 7 supports FC-NVMe and you will see the datastores in vROps as below:

But ESA does not yet officially support the feature so while it will collect the FN directors and metrics as below,

the mapping from datastore to device is missing. So you can get some functionality, just not all until we support it in 6.1.


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