PowerMaxOS 5978 Q3 2020 release

Today we officially launched the latest PowerMaxOS (5978.669.669) which, along with accompanying software releases, offers some new VMware capabilities that have been in high demand from our customers. Most notably, these include support for replication with VMware Virtual Volumes (vVol) – vVols 2.0/VASA 3.0 support – and support for the SRM Appliance with our SRDF SRA.

The Release Notes and associated documentation for the 9.2 software will provide all the new features, any removed limitations, and any new limitations related to the new features; but I’ve created a number of posts that cover those topics of most interest to those of us in the VMware space. So here they are:

vVols 2.0 with SRDF/A and SRM


SRDF SRA 9.2 with SRM Appliance


SRDF/Metro Smart DR




I’ve updated a number of documents with this release along with creating two new ones for vVols. You can find them in the Documentation Library by checking the Last Updated field. I have a few more comments below.

PowerMax/VMware TechBook update

This is one of the major updates I did and in doing so noticed there is just some ancient stuff in there that has to go. My next release, perhaps even by the end of the year, is likely to deal with that. This version therefore will probably be the last one to contain older VMAX/VMAX2 platform information. I haven’t touched the material for a long time and honestly I don’t get questions on it any longer. It’s about time to kiss metavolumes goodbye anyway. If you still use those make sure you keep a copy of version 12.2 (current) around since I don’t plan to keep two versions published.

VMware Log Insight

I’ve completed an updated content pack for Log Insight which I will get posted as soon as possible. It usually takes a week to work with VMware and get it online. The documentation is already updated but I don’t want to post it before the content pack. Nothing earth-shattering, some updated fields for snapshots, changes to dashboards, etc., so I didn’t think it essential to release it by this code GA date.


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