Automating the execution of with SRA 9.2

As I explained in the post SRDF SRA 9.2 and the SRM appliance, we use the script to generate the proper hostname that Solutions Enabler uses when communicating in client/server mode. The script is initially run before the SRA install but also must be run each time the SRM appliance is rebooted. As SRM... Continue Reading →

Modifying VMware parameters with PowerMax – queues, et al

I'll provide the warning up front that there is nothing new or exciting in this post. It falls into the category of repetitive posts (here's another good example) I do sometimes in the hope of summarizing information for customers so they don't have to wade through my tome of best practices. Of course with that... Continue Reading →

vVols – FC and iSCSI together

Let’s continue our previous discussion around iSCSI by looking at accessing vVols with FC and iSCSI in the same datacenter. Beginning with the Embedded Dell EMC VASA Provider version 3.0 (aka eVASA), we support the use of iSCSI with the Protocol Endpoint. (Note it is only the eVASA version that supports iSCSI. You can’t use... Continue Reading →

VMware and iSCSI

The topic for this post is not one I’ve spent much time on, either in testing or documentation. It’s not that we don’t have customers that use iSCSI, but they are few and far between, and the subset of those who use VMware is even smaller. We tend to see iSCSI (and NFS for that... Continue Reading →

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