VSI 8.6 – PowerMax snapshot policies and hosts

VSI 8.6 is available for download today. This version does away with the previous process for registering the vCenter as part of the OVA deployment. Instead it provides a new interface which I'll cover below. Along with registration updates, there are a number of new features for PowerMax. At a high-level these are the new... Continue Reading →


This post will cover a new hot fix (HF) build for the Dockers version of the SRDF SRA. The new release is tagged as version Development has worked overtime to come up with solutions to the couple of issues I've outlined in this previous post: Requirement to re-run the enableAutoSSLCertGen.sh shell script after reboot... Continue Reading →

iSCSI Direct Connect to VM

This post is a continuation of what I'll call my iSCSI series (if 3 is a series). A question I occasionally hear from customers is if our management software can run on a VM using iSCSI - e.g. Solutions Enabler, Unisphere - without having to assign physical RDMs (be that with a Guest OS or... Continue Reading →

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