Dell EMC VMAX and PowerMax Content Pack 1.2

I’ve updated the Dell EMC VMAX and PowerMax Content Pack for VMware Log Insight on the VMware Marketplace. The new version is 1.2. It does take a day or two for the new version to show up within your own Log Insight Marketplace instance, so if you would like the latest version now you’ll have to pull it from the VMware Marketplace and import into your environment. 

VMware has changed the way vendors post content packs(CP) as part of a migration of the cloud marketplace. It is what has led to the delay in my posting as this CP was meant to be available after our last PowerMax release in September 2020. In any case I’ll spare you the technical details (which seems strange to say), rather I want to point out that the TRY NOW button you’ll see on the CP page does not download the CP, but instead points back to my whitepaper about the CP. VMware required I have a link there and since we don’t post the CP to the Dell EMC website, it seemed the best compromise. All this to say, ignore the Redirect and just download the two items under Downloadable.

As I mentioned, the update was designed to support our latest PowerMaxOS release. There are three new fields I added related to the snapshot policy functionality:

    • dellemc_vpmax_snapshot_percent
    • dellemc_vpmax_snapshot_policy
    • dellemc_vpmax_snapshot_sg

Along with those I built two new widgets that use the fields in the Local & remote replication dashboard: Storage group snapshot capacity and Snapshot policy errors. The first widget is going to filter for events that you configure in Unisphere. The second widget will populate errors. They are boxed in red below.

And that was generally the extent of major changes. I did a number of edits but honestly you wouldn’t notice them so they aren’t worth delineating. We do have another PowerMax release coming soon, and now that VMware has made the publication process easier, I’m likely to update the CP again for some changes to compression/deduplication and SRDF/Metro. Stay tuned.


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