VMUG webcast

My colleague Tom O'Neill and I recently did a webast for the VM Users Group on PowerMax and vVols. You can find the recording below. I also included a link to the demo in the webcast which I have separately uploaded to my YouTube channel. Webcast https://youtu.be/rmLWKHNsQ08 Demo https://youtu.be/7Zmw9xne0zE

VMware Clustered VMDK, SCSI3-PR and WEAR

Just a short (for me anyway) post here on a vSphere 7 feature I get pinged about every so often: Clustered VMDK. VMware introduced this feature in vSphere 7. It is an attribute of a VMFS6 datastore which can be enabled on a new datastore  - post-creation as the option is not available in the... Continue Reading →

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