Dell EMC VMAX and PowerMax CP 1.3/Log Insight 8.6

VMware recently released the vRealize Suite 8.6 which includes Log Insight version 8.6. You may have noticed they skipped Log Insight 8.5, though it is not the only vRealize product that did not have a version 8.5. My guess is VMware wanted to re-align all vRealize versions so they simply skipped 8.5 for some products. It’s not the first time. In any case you can upgrade directly from 8.4 without issue. My upgrade was quite fast. You can find the Release Notes here. There are a few things of interest in this release in my opinion:

  • Performance improvements – queries with extracted fields (like those in our CP) will return faster. That’s always desirable.
  • Finer granularity of role-based access. You can lock down users to very specific objects.
  • A new cloud version of Log Insight if you are moving in that direction or have a hybrid environment. You can get a free trial which of course means it is a differently licensed product. There is a free tier available as you can see here:

Along with this release I updated the Dell EMC VMAX and PowerMax CP (VPCP) to version 1.3. Nothing earth-shattering here, I really just needed to fix a bunch of URLs as we changed where we store our whitepapers and the old links from the first version of the CP no longer worked. This included the installation guide so you can see the problem.

I did remove one of our dashboards, Thin pool overview, because it was meant to be useful for the older VMAX2 models and it was time to go. Now the VPCP 1.3 is not yet available in the online marketplace via the Log Insight application as the posting goes first to the cloud marketplace, then later goes to the one that is part of the application. I’m publishing this post now in case you want to keep the dashboard I removed because when you upgrade it will be deleted. To save it before the upgrade, simply clone it to your user dashboards. I have the steps below.

In step 1 left-click on the gear to the right of the dashboard and in step 2 select the only available option Clone…

In step 3 change the name of the cloned dashboard if desired and select SAVE.

Now the dashboard is available in the My Dashboards section.

I have not removed any of the extracted fields from the VPCP so it will continue to function as it did previously in version 1.2.

If you’d like to upgrade to version 1.3 now, you can download the VPCP directly from the VMware Cloud Marketplace here. One minor note, if you do download the zip from this link, VMware is still showing the link as version 1.2, but it is 1.3.

VMware no longer appears to update the internal marketplace within Log Insight so you cannot upgrade that way. I cannot get a straight answer from them and all my escalations have gone nowhere.





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